Build Operate & Transfer

SQA Consulting helps clients increase their quality assurance capability for critical phases of important projects by deploying our expert QA analysts onsite on demand and at short notice.  The increased capability can sometimes mean the difference between keeping a delivery on schedule or letting it slip (with associated cost and reputational impacts).  it will always mean an injection of skills, knowledge and delivery abilities of the highest order.

Our analysts work across the full delivery landscape (i.e. all client business functions plus their partners and suppliers) to:

  • verify and validate testing requirements from a functional and operational perspective
  • create test assets
  • operate quality gate management of the component integration testing (CIT), functional, and non-functional test phases
  • coordinate and support UAT, OAT and live commissioning test phases
  • All of the above are done within agreed quality standards, processes and timescales.

We provide QA governance that covers:

  • CIT, unit, and component integration testing
  • functional, sanity, system, controlled financial (regression), and integration testing
  • performance, stress, volume, recovery, security, soak, resilience, failover, and DR testing

Our experts will create test assets and undertake QA activities required to complete the following Acceptance phases:

  • UAT: verification & validation; business processes; job roles; documentation and training; support, curve line, usability
  • ORT: operability; backup & recovery; SLA; compatibility; documentation & training; integrity; support; processes; availability; overflow; capacity management
  • Live Commissioning: ‘on the night rehearsal’; backout; handover; rollout; pilot; dry run.



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