Consultancy Services

It is hard for organisations to be expert in all of areas of Application Lifecycle Management; especially when it is not their raison d’être.  But ALM can be one of the biggest sources of difficulty and frustration when not done well, often resulting in wasted time, money and effort through failed releases, problems in live, and support problems.  Many organisations are looking for ways to improve productivity and performance in this area, and that is where our expertise can be invaluable.  We do ALM all day every day for clients across a wide range of industries and have done so for years.  We are acknowledged industry experts in the subject and are always happy to share our knowledge and experience.  We can assure what you have now and make recommendations for change that you can implement yourself or with our help.  We can also apply our process maturity model to your current operation and show you how easy and beneficial it would be to move to the next level of maturity.  We do not make the mistake of trying to move our clients from yellow belt to black belt overnight (especially when blue belt status would suffice for their operation).

As well as assessing your strategic roadmaps and lifecycle plans for your IT estate, we will evaluate and make recommendations for operational processes such as requirements management, programme and project management, test management, release management, information management, configuration management, environment management, security management, and risk & issues management.  As an example, our assurance of test management covers how well you are performing static testing; system testing; integration testing; automated testing; performance, stress & volume testing; user acceptance testing; security & penetration testing; operational acceptance testing; and, dress rehearsal testing.

Let us give you the benefit of our extensive experience and expertise though an initial consultation.