Our Vertical Markets

SQA Consulting’s proven track record with world-class organisations has been earned through consistent delivery of flexible and expert solutions that meet client needs and deliver important business outcomes.

Our focus on developing long term partnerships with our clients has enabled us to develop strong domain expertise in many vertical markets, including:


Investment Banking

We have supported countless programmes in investment banking. Whether you wish to improve application performance, migrate data, or create a framework that will enable automatic regression testing, we have the capability to meet your requirements. Examples of business areas and processes where we have delivered important outcomes include:

Trial Balance


Regulatory reporting





Price dissemination

Performance fees

General reporting

Corporate actions

Performance NAV calculation

Swing pricing

FX hedging reports

Rebates / kickbacks

NAV production

Investor tax reporting

Securities lending

Automated trade capture

Standard TA processing

Convenience NAV processing

Fund of fund manager

Transition and load reconciliation

Finance reporting

Tolerance and benchmark reporting

In species pricing extract

NAV dissemination

OTC tri-party reconciliation reporting

In specie reconciliation

Swift STP

Swift auto matching

UK Crest settlements STP

Portfolio reconciliation

Auto cash and asset reconciliations

 References are available on our investment banking track record and delivery capability.



Retail and Commercial Banking

SQA Consulting has consistently expanded its footprint in retail banking as a result of continued success. We have unrivalled experience managing onshore, nearshore and offshore deliveries within this vertical market. We have saved our banking clients millions of pounds while delivering signifiant business outcomes on time and within budget. Our retail banking pedigree extends to:

Retail Banking Assets

Retail Bank Liabilities

Personal Loans - Collateral

Loan origination

Credit appraisal

Loan booking - back end processing

Premature closures

Collateral maintenance & monitoring activities


Provisioning & write-offs

Cash transactions

Cash deposit at teller counter

Cash withdrawal at teller Counter

Branch cash controls

Transfer between teller & vault

Transfer between vault & teller

Withdrawal of cash from central bank/ currency chest

Travellers cheque issued across counters

Voucher payments

Opening/closing of teller stations

Auto Loans

Loan origination

Credit appraisal

Premature closures

Loan booking - back end processing



Provisioning & write-offs

Wealth Management

Investment services

Handling mutual funds

Issuance of units

Equities and Debt Instruments - bought and sold handling dematerialized accounts

Receipt of delivery instruction forms and forwarding them to back office for processing

Handling queries related to dematerialized accounts

Opening of dematerialized accounts

Provide receipt to client providing physical shares for dematerialized accounts Structured deposits / lending

Redemption of units


Loan origination

Credit appraisal

Premature closures

Loan Book - back end processing



Provisioning and write-offs



 Our Commercial Banking Pedigree extends to:-

Anti Money Laundering

Monitoring customer accounts

Customer screening

Customer data analysis

Payment screening – SWIFT, CHIPS, Fedwire, EuroSIC, and SEPA

Trade finance sanctions

Cash Management

Set-up and manage pooling

Set-up and manage sweeping

Cheque book order notification

Cheque purchase

Physical cash pooling

Capture and store signature

Processing and execution of standing instruction

Issuance of demand draft

Issuance of banker’s cheque





Documentation and disbursement

Monitoring and control

Problem recognition and solution

Cash Management

Inward clearing

Outward clearing

Payment through RTGS – inward

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Electronic Clearing Services (ECS)

Cheque book order

Account closure

Cheque book delivery

Cash deposit

Cash payment

Account opening

Internal RD communication

Cheque book order contingency

Fax indemnity

Complaint handling

Foreign currency payments

Foreign currency receipts

Processing stop payment request

Blocking of account and amount

De-blocking of account / amount

Cash vault – process and movements

Call back process

Outstation cheque clearing

Cancellation of demand draft

Issuance of duplicate demand draft

Amend customer details

Relationship review


Prepare Budgets

Prepare Forecasts

Master Data Maintenance

Assets Acquisition

Manage Asset Disposal

Assets Value Adjustments

Assets Transfer

Manage Assets Under Construction

Manage Month End Time Table- Countries

Manage Month End Time Table- Internal

PC Upload Journal- Country

PC Upload Journal- Internal

Maintain Statistical Key Figures

Cost Revenue Allocations

STP Validation

DCT Late Adjustment

DCT Supplementary Data

ETA Journal Processing




Know Your Client

New Client Acquisition

Term Deposit

Term Deposit Opening

Interest Payment

Term Deposit Renewal

Term Deposit Redemption/Closure


MM Deal Booking

MM Deal Authorization

MM Deal Amendment Process

MM Deal Settlement

MM Deal Reversal

MM Deal Deletion

MM Deal Confirmation Matching Process

Roll over of Money Market (MM) contracts

Early Utilization of FFX

Extension of FFX Contract

Interest Rate Hedging

Benchmark Floating Rate Maintenance

FX Customer Deal Booking and Square up process

FX Forward Deal Booking

Trade Finance

Trade Finance

Advising of Export LC, Pre Advise Received Through Airmail /Telex or Swift

Advising of Export LC Received, Pre Advise Through Airmail /Telex or Swift – STP

Advising Amendment to Export LC recd airmail or telex or swift

Advising Amendment to Export LC recd airmail or telex or swift-stp

Processing Transfer of Export LC

Export LC add Confirmation

Negotiation of Documents under Sight LC

Negotiation of Documents under Usance LC

Export Docs Under Collection - DP and DA

Issuance of Import LC

Issuance of Revolving LC

Issuance of Back to back LC

Amendment of Back to Back or Import LC

Import documents under LCs

Import documents under collection

Issuance of Bank Guarantee

Amendment of Bank Guarantee

Invoking a Bank Guarantee

Issuance of Guarantee against Counter Guarantee

Expired Guarantee

Issue Claim against Expired Guarantee

Counter Guarantee Claim

Automatic Reimbursement

Loan Against Imports

Disbursement of Packing Credit

Import Advance Payments

Import Advance Payments- swift stp

Export payments clean

Export payments clean- swft stp



 Should you want application specific information, please email us at info@sqa-consulting.com




The London Market Group (LMG) reforms have imposed many new challenges in the Insurance sector. As a response, SQA Consulting has created a specialist consultancy capability made up of industry experts who can help you satisfy the reform requirements while achieving growth in business and margins. We have many years of experience in integrating market reforms and new working practices into overall BAU and IT strategies for organisations in this sector. Our areas of expertise include:

  • instruction
  • claims
  • fraud
  • accounting and settlement
  • standards

 By recognising that our clients want support that is sensitive to their priorities, we focus on their business needs and are always responsive to the constant change they experience.

Through project-level engagements or complete managed services, our service offerings can increase your market advantage and strategically align your organisations IT systems to your business requirements.

For further information, please email info@sqa-consulting.com



Our retail customers have engaged us typically at Programme Test Management level in order to produce test strategies; implement lifecycle governance; ratify budgets; secure environments; roll out processes and procedures; create and procedure test data;define resource requirements; manage resources; understand and manage stakeholder expectations;and, manage delivery (including test execution, reporting, and managing risks and issues).

As well as EPOS, our application exposure in the sector includes:

  • inventory management
  • correspondence
  • order taking
  • data maintenance and replication
  • fraud management
  • stock accounting
  • workflow management
  • delivery fulfilment
  • delivery capacity planning
  • DD fulfilment
  • warehouse and stock management
  • reporting
  • order management
  • services

For further information, please email info@sqa-consulting.com



SQA Consulting has supported multiple Government projects by deploying expert resources to advise and assist systems integrators. We augment teams that have been TUPEd under a contract outsource via the deployment of specialist resources with Transport, Healthcare, Education and Emergency Services experience to support:

  • integration testing
  • automated testing
  • performance testing
  • user acceptance testing
  • operational acceptance testing
  • live proving

 Our offshore and landed resource capability is attractive to integrators as we can provide remote or localised cost effective specialist support. We also provide technical mentoring and skills transfers to ensure that our time on site is minimal.

For further information, please email info@sqa-consulting.com



 SQA Consulting has supported the implementation of many healthcare systems. Whether the underlying technology was being upgraded or applications were being retired or replaced we have striven to provide consultancy support around application:

  • integration
  • performance
  • scalability
  • accessibility
  • security

 Typically our work in healthcare has been at the request of larger third party systems integrators. While the systems integrators provide excellent development expertise, they call on us to fulfil their specialist quality assurance and testing resource requirements. This approach ensures that both they and their customers can be confident that functional and technical requirements are being developed and validated by true experts in QA.

 For further information, please email info@sqa-consulting.com



 SQA Consulting has implemented several telecommunications projects. Whether you wish to improve application performance, are migrating data, or want an automated framework that will enable automatic regression testing, we have the experience and expertise to help. Our domain knowledge includes:

  • broadcast services
  • billing systems
  • mobile devices
  • compliance adherence
  • operational management systems

 Our delivery teams have typically created Test Centres of Excellence for telecommunications companies. These centres comprise strategic assets, processes, people and technology that govern how a testing organisation engages and delivers highly efficient testing services to the larger enterprise. It has clearly established goals, well-defined processes, a governance mechanism, multi-disciplined skill sets, and common tools and technology.

For further information, please email info@sqa-consulting.com



The deregulation of electricity and gas markets has created many new opportunities within the Energy vertical market. SQA Consulting has developed a consultancy capability that incorporates industry experts enabling us to assist you in reaching your organisational goals. We have experience in integrating market reforms and new working practices into overall BAU strategies bringing together people, processes and technology to ensure organisations keep pace with market developments.We provide industry leading Quality Assurance ITC solutions in:

  • bid / offer trading
  • order management
  • quotation
  • pricing
  • one bill production
  • regulation and compliance

 Our consultants ensure that our clients are confident that all functional and technical requirements will be verified by an independent third party industry QA specialist

For further information, please email info@sqa-consulting.com



 At SQA Consulting we understand that law firms need bespoke software solutions to support the demands of their business. Typical solutions include workflow management; case management; document management; data mining; dictation tools; time recording; cost recovery; billing etc. These tools need to be able to work together in a seamless fashion. Our systems integration experts understand the impacts of up and down stream integration points for applications that need to interface into specialist professional services systems. We are expert in the reconciliation testing processes that expedite integration testing.

We deploy client test strategies underpinned by test management and automated testing tools. These enable the rapid creation and execution of regression test suites that provide the confidence that applications can go live without negative impacts on other systems.

As well as applications integration services in law firms, we have a thriving financial crime assurance practice that offers tools and audit services to banks and other financial services organisations around the world. Through these services we help organisations achieve compliance with financial crime regulations in their various jurisdictions.

 For more information on financial crime assurance or law firm business applications integration, please contact us at info@sqa-consulting.com