QA Services

Quality Reviews

A Quality Review analyses product and process components and documentation for mismatches between specification and design. Quality Reviews ensure that the objective of improving quality is related to business need by:

  • achieving transparency and manageability of the business process by orientating them to customer need
  • identifying responsibilities and authorities in the organisation
  • improving business processes and the projects and developments that are critical to their success by installing metrics to measure and report on corrective and preventative measures applied
  • setting quality criteria

A Quality Review will identify the important criteria that must be achieved to implement an improved and profitable Quality Management System.

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Test Strategy Creation

A test strategy must be traceable to software functional and non functional requirements and describe how they will be validated and verified. As much as half of a system development budget may be expended on testing if it is not done correctly. Careful planning is crucial to maximise test efficiency and minimising testing costs.

Areas included in this service include:

  • constructing test strategies
  • reviewing and implementing testing processes
  • evaluating and selecting automated testing tools
  • recommending automating testing best practice
  • establishing professional testing teams
  • assessing software risk
  • validating requirements specifications
  • developing test data
  • producing high level test schedules and project plans

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Test Centre Creation

Creating a centralised test centre will reduce costs, unify processes and ensure reuse of test assets while capitalising on resource secondment. Whether you are in the process of centralising your testing capability or looking to create a centre of excellence from scratch we can provide expertmanagement consultants; programme test managers;environment, configuration and change managers;database specialists; ISEB qualified test consultants;business process specialists, and data analysts. We also provide bespoke training packages, tools and methodologies; error logs; risk management and quality standards, tools and resources; templates; reporting dashboards; coaching and mentoring. We can:-

  • provide the common disciplines of effective testing to all project managers for best practice
  • provide support from a central point to instigate the most effective testing across multiple projects and software developments
  • reduce the cost of testing by applying the correct testing resource in the most efficient manner
  • ensure control is retained by the business by delivering effective reporting and metrics

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Configuration Management

Software configuration management is the task of tracking and controlling changes to software. Practices include revision control and establishing baselines.
Software configuration management concerns itself with answering the question "Somebody did something, how can one reproduce it?" Often the problem involves not reproducing ‘it’ identically, but with controlled, incremental changes. Answering the question thus becomes a matter of comparing different results and analysing their differences. Traditional configuration management typically focused on controlled creation of relatively simple products. Now, implementers of software configuration management face the challenge of dealing with relatively minor increments under their own control, in the context of the complex system being developed.
Configuration management goals:

  • configuration identification
  • configuration control
  • status accounting
  • review
  • build management
  • process management
  • environment management
  • defect tracking

SQA Consulting employs specialist configuration management consultants who are expert in configuration management goals and the configuration management tools denoted below:-

  • HP Quality Centre / Application Lifecycle Manager (HP)
  • Rational Team Concert (IBM)
  • MKS Integrity (MKS Inc.)
  • Visual Studio Team System (Microsoft)
  • Synergy CM Telelogic (IBM)
  • Change Telelogic (IBM)
  • DOORS Telelogic (IBM)
  • BMS (Borland)

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