Secure Development Lifecycle


SQA designs secure development strategies for organisations by ensuring that security is built in to the Software Development Lifecycle at every level and promoting security excellence as a fundamental design process.

We believe that security should be implemented from the ground up and as such push to automate and indoctrinate security solutions as early in the development lifecycle as possible. SQA consultants have experience of integrating automated security testing solutions into the development pipeline at the code repository right through to the runtime environments, using static and Interactive Application Security Testing tools (IAST). These solutions dramatically improve security and empower developers who get instant feedback on potential code vulnerabilities and can remediate them before code is deployed.  

This enables customers to;

·       Provide instant feedback to developers as code is developed and tested. Developers can be sure they are only checking in "clean" code, reducing the cost of failed testing further into the development lifecycle.

·       False Positives are reduced dramatically increasing the effectiveness of code testing

·       Full Application Coverage by examining the entire application, including the libraries and frameworks, ensuring full coverage of the entire codebase.

·       Reduce the need for application security experts by providing instant feedback on coding issues with remediation steps.

·       Reduce Process Disruption. Agile and DevOps strategies limit testing time. Because interactive testing operates transparently during normal QA or unit testing, there is no process disruption. Interactive application security testing leverages existing activities to add security testing without separate disruptive activities or schedule breaking checkpoints.


Using Threat Modelling as a tool to identify risk, SQA Consultants have promoted better security design and implementations using bespoke, or existing Threat Modelling methodologies. By training testing teams and developers as well as security teams in the process of threat modelling we are able to encourage a secure first mentality throughout the whole development environment. 

This enables customers to;

        Produce software that’s secure by design, by predictably and effectively
finding security threats and identifying risk.

        Project Leads can understand why business objectives have impact on security.

        Security Architects can communicate the implications of threats and attacks at every stage in the life of an asset and how countermeasures protect data assets.

        Developers are helped to understand which components are vulnerable and their exposure to attacks.

        Testers have relevant information to create positive and negative tests of the application and environment.

        Avoid sprint / deployment delays in an Agile environment by eliminating risk early in the project lifecycle.

        Project managers can manage security defects more efficiently by setting the right priorities.

        SIRO’s can make informed risk management decisions.


At SQA we understand that the security of your applications doesn’t stop at the code. Our security specialists have experience of securing your physical infrastructure using Continuous Vulnerability Scanning solutions (CVS) and infrastructure penetration testing to ensure the platforms delivering your applications are secure.