Financial Crime Prevention

SQA Consulting has been advising organisations on sanctions screening and financial crime prevention since 2005.  In fact we deliver the British Bankers’ Association training course on the subject.  Our advisory work is informed by over ten years experience in implementing solutions for sanctions screening, anti-money laundering, and anti-bribery and corruption in major financial organisations around the world.

Two powerful tools in our advisory services are the risk assessment methodology and the maturity model.

The SQA Consulting risk assessment process allows us to challenge you on how you address financial crime risk and regularly compliance in your firm.  Risk comes in many forms, and as we cover each we determine how and why each risk could manifest, the potential impact if that were to happen, how your systems and controls would identify and combat the risk, and what residual risk would exist even after system controls are triggered.

The SQA Consulting financial crime prevention maturity model allows us to identify where your processes, systems and controls stand currently on the spectrum, and what it would take to move you to the next and/or highest level of maturity, security and compliance.

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