SQA Consulting have been implementing screening solutions since 2005, we deliver the British Bankers’ Association training course on sanctions, we advise several of the world’s 10 biggest banks on tuning their sanctions and PEPs rules, we measure screening capability across the industry. We know our stuff.

But we don’t just help the largest global banks, our portfolio of customers extends across the whole gamut of the financial industry. What is more we understand the different pressures and risks that exist across that range of banks. We do not have a one size fits all approach.

Over and above providing advice and guidance on any financial crime systems we have two methods that have proved both effective and good value for banks, these are our risk assessment and maturity models.

Our risk assessment process allows us to challenge you on how you address the risk to your firm. Risk comes in many forms, and as we cover each we determine how that risk would manifest itself, how your systems and controls would combat it, and what residual risk is left. Then we discuss how we could tackle any residual risk that is outside of your appetite.

Our maturity model allows us to challenge you on your implementation and future plans for screening. We tell you what the state of the art is across the industry, and together we determine if your risk demands that you follow the leaders, or stay in the pack. By understanding your position as either a beginner, intermediate, or leader; you can determine your plans and budgets for your screening programmes.