Assessment Centre

SQA Sanctions Assessment Centre is the complete assessment tool for determining if your sanctions and PEPs screening performs to your expectations.  It will also allow you to compare how you perform relative to your peers in the banking industry.

Screening systems perform a vital role in protecting financial institutions against financial crime.   Their continued effective performance is at the heart of not only a firms success, but also the delivery of many governments foreign policy objectives.  Any system that is so important should and does receive great attention from auditors and regulators.   For this reason you need to make sure that you find the limitations of your system before someone else does.  That is where Sanctions Assessment Centre comes in.

Lists - Sanctions assessment centre can download lists of all kinds to base test cases upon.  These can include global sanctions lists such as the OFAC SDN and United Nations lists, regional sanctions lists such as the European Union asset freeze list, and more local sanctions lists such as the Dutch national terrorism list. PEPs can be included from the CIA and from various governments own biographical data. Lists from NGOs and commercial organisations can be selected from organisations such as “United Against Nuclear Iran”, and “Expeditors”. SQA Consulting also provide benchmark lists for effectiveness and efficiency, and Country; CTRP (Cities Towns, Regions; Ports) lists. Firms supporting their own private lists can import their own list information.

Consolidation - lists can be compiled and supplemented with variations of personal name format to provide a comprehensive set of presentation formats.

Customer File – an inbuilt ETL (Extract Transform and Load) function can convert all of the test cases into customer data, creating a file mimicking your own data, but with poisoned information.   This forms a test file that can stress your screening system to the limit.

Payment File – for payment screening systems the test cases can be built into SWIFT messages, or other payments system messages such as SIC, FEDWIRE, CHAPS or SEPA. We support all message types, and will populate messages with data in every possible field.

Analysis– once your screening system has processed the test file, then SQA Sanctions Assessment Centre will analyse the results to determine if any test cases did not cause a match to be created.


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