There are two ways to identify deficiencies in your financial crime screening systems:

  • an assurance programme
  • a breach in your systems and controls with associated compliance failure

Regulatory guidelines clearly expect all firms to adopt the former approach.  However the history of breaches, failures and fines in the past decade suggests either assurance programmes are not being implemented or if they are, they are deficient.

The assurance services provided by SQA Consulting were developed in partnership with a global bank under the close scrutiny of UK and US regulators.  They are detailed, easily understood and implemented, and robust.  For these reasons, our approach is used and trusted by many household name banks.

Supported by our tooling for data profiling and test file generation and analysis, our assurance process will not become a major overhead for your organisation.  We will explain all of our findings and conclusions, help you develop immediate remediations as well as longer term strategies, and will ensure that you remain fully supported by our experts.  We are only ever a phone call away.