Data Quality

In financial crime prevention, data quality can be a limiting factor in the ability to detect and take action on money laundering activity.  Many systems deploy fuzzy matching to help mitigate data quality issues, but generally this can only compensate for limited and specific issues.

The financial crime officer will never be the owner of data, but he or she will feel the consequences of poor data quality.  For this reason that post-holder should take action to understand data quality issues and the impact they could have on the ability to detect financial crime. SQA Profiler is the solution to that problem.

SQA Profiler is a data profiler that detects and reports data quality issues, particularly those affecting financial crime, and it does so from a business perspective rather than from a technical perspective.  It has made a big improvement to levels of confidence that financial crime can be detected in many organisations.

Arrange for a demonstration of SQA Profiler, and we will perform a data quality analysis of 100,000 customers, from scratch, in 30 minutes.  You will never look at data quality in the same way again.