If your organisation needs to improve its knowledge and skills in financial crime prevention and how to use screening to minimise risk, then your first port of call should be a training course designed and delivered by SQA Consulting.  One option is to attend our one day workshop run in partnership with the BBA:

Instead of, or as a follow up the workshop we can deliver a bespoke course tailored to the needs of your organisation.  Our courses can cover every aspect of the topic including the legal background; definitions and scope; high risk jurisdictions; managing risks; country programmes; prosecutions and enforcements; processes and technology; achieving compliance etc.  Our courses are always practical in nature.  Some example topics include:

Data Quality - a practical demonstration of how to perform data quality analysis on a feed of customer data prepared for sanctions screening

Fuzzy matching - a look at various fuzzy matching tools and how they can be used to deliver quality matches from your sanctions screening systems

Sanctions lists - what do they contain, from where can you get them, what do they omit, and how should you use them?  Includes practical examples.

CTRP - what can CTRP (Cities, Towns, Regions and Ports) screening achieve, and how to access lists and other information.  Includes practical examples.

Screening Assessment - how to conduct an end to end screening assessment to determine if your approach satisfies your policies and meets your expectations

Vessels - vessels have long been a part of the OFAC list, but why are they there and how do they help?

PEPs - often seen as a poor relations to sanctions screening, PEPs screening is mandated by regulators but often done poorly.  Fines are now being imposed for PEPs only breaches.