Application Replacement

SQA Consulting were engaged by the worlds largest securities company to replace the their micro dot labelling application that produced secure printing solutions denoting their clients product authenticity and licence to use labels for hardware and software products.

A £1.3m programme was created by our client to re-engineer its software with modern practice and standards using .net and SQL technologies to improve the customer experience for their clients Authorised Resellers, those able to order labeling from our client.

New Bank BP and Full Application QA

Following the banks acquisition of Church House Trust for 12.3 million in Jan 2010 and the acquisition of IMS and it Fiserv, IVO Bank based business.  The bank decided to enter the mainstream Retail Banking market.  In order to streamline and refine their QA capability, SQA Consulting were engaged to create and rollout a bank wide test strategy, and an approach to testing the project that would undertake the roll out.  SQA Consulting’s responsibilities including, but were not restricted to:-