ENOV8 is an end-to-end lifecycle management platform promoting transparency, control and productivity across environments, release and data.


  • IT & Test Environment Management
  • Enterprise Release Management
  • Holistic Test Data Management

Platform benefits

  • Transparency
    • Improve visibility of your complex IT fabric allowing better collaboration and decision making.
  • Governance
    • Manage complex computer systems & the end-to-end IT fabric through a centralised portal.
  • Measurement
    • Measure test environment usage to reduce IT spend and increase project productivity.
  • Operational Standardisation
    • Eliminate chaotic and non-repeatable operations by establishing control via centralised runbooks and using automation on regular & time consuming tasks.
  • Availability & Continuity
    • Manage change and contention effectivly whilst providing real time health status and powerful analytics to determine business impact.
  • Automation Streamlining
    • Make automation available to project & test teams through a self-service gateway to improve productivity.
  • Advanced & Seamless Integration
    • The platform supports a number of integrations with toolsets in the following domains:
      • Application
      • Data
      • Infrastructure
      • Management


Visit the Enov8 website: http://www.enov8.com/

To see how we can help your organisation, please fill out our contact form or email info@sqa-consulting.com entering Enov8 in the subject field.