Multiple Platform Upgrade

SQA Consulting  were engaged to manage the migration of the 14 applications, produce a risk based Test Strategy that identified all of the applications within scope, their integration points, determine exactly what was changing, the Approach to Testing, e.g. where to use Regression, Reconciliation, Integration, Performance, Security, Penetration, what would happen in UAT, OAT and Dress Rehearsal Testing.   The strategy leaned heavily on capitalising on the organisations Test Leads, Business Analysts and Technical Specialists.  Although a deviation from the traditional test approach, the strategy produced enabled the organisation to deliver within the desired timescales calling on internal resources to augment resources requirements across each testing phase.

The infrastructure upgrades included:-

  • Solaris from v8 to v10
  • Oracle from v8 and v9 to v10g
  • WebSphere from v5.1 to v6.1
  • PowerCenter from v7.1.3 and v8.1.1 to V7.1.5 and v8+ to v8.5
  • Control-M from v6.1.03 to v6.3
  • Sybase ASE to v15
  • RSA ACE to v6.1
  • MQ to V6

SQA Consulting were responsible for delivering:

  • Test & Finance Estimates
  • Budget Management
  • Requirement Verification and Validation
  • Full Planning & Lifecycle Management
  • SIT Planning
  • SIT Scripting
  • SIT Execution
  • Quality Gate Management
  • UAT Planning
  • UAT Coordination
  • End of Test Reports
  • OAT Planning
  • Dress Rehearsal