Compliance Assurance

‘PEP-Ex’ is a reliable, secure and compliant solution allowing institutions to share information on politically exposed corporates with each other in an anonymous environment. ‘PEP-Ex’ is an intelligence sharing community where each member contributes data whilst simultaneously leveraging the due diligence resources of all other members servicing a particular corporate vehicle.

The issue of beneficial ownership and corporate transparency has risen to the top of the agenda for politicians, regulators and law enforcement agencies all over the globe. Whether corrupt regimes steal public funds or elected public officials engage in transactions solely for personal gain it is often the financial institution facilitating those transactions which is held to account.

Offshore corporations and opaque ownership structures provide individuals with protection such that the likelihood of a determined perpetrator being identified through open source screening of their corporate vehicle is minimal. The richest source of data resides outside the public domain, within the records of the institutions providing such corporate vehicles with access to the financial system.

Our 'PEP-Ex’ solution provides unique access to this non-public information to either validate or further inform decisions within the on boarding cycle for an institution’s corporate relationships.