Transformation Support

SQA Consulting recognises that with Digital Transformation the consumer, rather than the technology, is in the driver seat and this matters. Digital Transformation is forcing businesses to rethink what their customers value how meet those needs.

  • 71% of enterprises are deploying mobile apps – source Deloitte
  • 830 million enterprise and smart phone users in 2012 – source ABI Research
  • 93% of Fortune 500 are deploying or testing apps for the iPhone – source Rosenberg
  • 90% of Fortune 500 companies are deploying or testing for the iPad – source Rosenberg
  • 94% of enterprise leaders think that businesses will invest in connecting their mobile apps to their back end systems – source Appcelerator
  • 73% of business rates “increased efficiency” as a very important key benefit in mobile computing – source Symantec
  • 127 minutes a day is the average time people are spending on mobile apps – source Flurry
  • 31 minutes a day is the average time people are spending on mobile web – source Flurry
  • 7.9 is the average number of apps launched per person per day– source Flurry
  • Tablet sales were forecasted to increase by 70% to 197 million by the end of 2013 – source Gartner
  • 60% of the UK Population own a smartphone and nearly 1/5 own a tablet – source Ofcom
  • ¾ report using mobile apps for customer services purposes as well as using the app to assist with a buying decision – source ClickFox
  • 40% of Smartphone users use their phones at lest once a day while watching TV, 41% of Tablet owners do the same – source Neilsen

The increasing demand to consume information digitally has resulted in many organisations needing to transform the way they develop, deploy and accept applications.  SQA Consulting has led, guided and supported dozens of global organisations achieve their desired transformation goals when migrating to Agile.

Our solutions target:

  • People
    • Skills
    • Sourcing
    • Operating Model
  • Process
    • Financial Governance
    • Process Standardisation
    • Vendor Management
  • Technology
    • Environment Management
    • Tooling Utilisation
    • Test Data Management
    • Enhanced Productivity

We assure delivery by ensuring:

  • Active user involvement is imperative
  • The teams must be empowered to make decisions
  • Requirements evolve while the timescale is fixed
  • Requirements are captured at a high level; lightweight & visual
  • Development is manageable, releases incremental and iterate
  • Focus is on frequent delivery of products
  • Features are completed before moving on to the next
  • The 80/20 rule is followed
  • Testing is integrated throughout the project lifecycle – testing early and as often as possible
  • A collaborative & cooperative approach between all stakeholders

To find out more, please peruse our case studies.