Scope of services

We cover the full systems development lifecycle from ideas generation, feasibility studies and business cases; to requirements definition, design and prototyping; through build, test and deliver; to systems integration.  As well as building new systems, products, services and capabilities, we also re-engineer, support and manage existing systems for our clients.  This can include enabling existing services for mobile and web; or migrating onto new languages, databases and platforms.  Furthermore, our architects and consultants can redesign entire enterprise architectures for our clients. 

We can deploy our own programme, project, development, and test managers onsite; or, we can organise our consultants, architects, developers and testers to work with those of the client (often it’s a mixture of both). 

We put great emphasis on excellence in technical design.  Our designs are elegant, powerful and flexible.  We believe that only good things can come from making the extra effort to produce a truly excellent design.  Our engineers have designed some of the most complex and highly performant systems in capital markets - an environment where failure is not an option and the definition of failure includes minute slowdowns rather than complete outages.

We only write code of the highest quality.  Our code must be elegant and easy to understand and thus can be supported and maintained by our clients.  Our typical software engineer will have an MSc in computer science and seven years of experience in working for us in demanding technical environments.  We have no interest in produce average code - that is not who we are.

With our history in software quality assurance we bring world class capability to every aspect of quality in the the lifecycle  - from using the best development practices; to ensuring an exact match between requirements and tests; to designing the most appropriate test strategies and test cases; to effecting and reporting test execution in a way that guarantees that project milestones and business outcomes are achieved.  For us, quality starts on day one of an engagement.  Our expertise in testing covers every aspect equally: from initial unit testing, through every aspect of system testing, to operational and user acceptance testing.