5 Year Anniversary for SQA Country Risk Index

Understanding the relative risk of doing business with another country has never been so fundamental to banking.

We all have impressions of how risky other countries are, based on anecdotes, news stories, and personal prejudice. However, our first impressions are perhaps not the best guide to driving risk assessments, and the world is so diverse and hard to appreciate that we are unlikely to have firsthand experience of many countries.

At SQA Consulting we have developed a Country Risk Index for every country in the world, which provides the relative risk rating for each country.  It is user tuneable to focus on the type of risk relevant for the task at hand for example, Sanctions risk, AML risk, PEPs, KYC, etc.

By using Country Risk Index from SQA Consulting you can take the guess work out of risk, and support your decisions with quantitative measures.


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Contact us at aml-prevention.services@sqa-consulting.com  to find out more about SQA’s Country Risk index, and how we can help you with your AML compliance needs.

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