A High-Level Insight into Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is important during the performance testing phase as well as after deployment. During testing it is imperative to know how the infrastructure and application has behaved beyond just the response time statistics collected by the performance testing tool; this will give a more informed view of expected behaviour post-deployment.

Monitoring can be set up within the performance test tool to collect the performance metrics while the test is being run. In this way the response time statistics can be directly compared with the application and server performance.

Performance Monitoring

The types of monitoring that can be employed during testing include the following

  1. Server Monitoring can include:
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Disk usage
  1. Network Monitoring can include:
  • Incoming & outgoing bytes/packets
  • Packets dropped
  • Packet errors
  • Packet collisions
  1. Database Monitoring can include
  • Threads connected
  • Database reads
  • Table locks
  • Database memory usage
  1. Application Performance Management (APM) tool integration


Performance test tools can now integrate with APM tools such as dynaTrace, AppDynamics, CA APM to name a few. They can monitor the application and identify slow transactions and help troubleshoot and diagnose issues.

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