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  • SQA Consulting launches Alert Eliminator, an Artificial Intelligence-based tool that uses Robotic Process Automation to automatically eliminate screening alerts. It can do this hundreds of times more quickly than a human analyst & with much better accuracy & consistency


  • The SQA Consulting Group and ABC Tech Group partner to establish SQA Consulting SEE, adding an additional 40 Product Engineering specialists into our Nearshore consulting pool


  • Headquartered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, SQA Consulting SEE is predicted to grow by an additional 100 plus technology specialists during 2021


  • Transformed ways of working for a global payments provider.


  • Created BPM’s and LDM’s documenting infrastructure, architecture, service lines and products.


  • Eradicated security vulnerability technical debt.


  • Stood up 25 CI/CD automated build pipelines.


  • Rebooted a failing multi-million group payments product programme, changing the programme direction & focus.


  • Combed releases in order to ensure success whilst maintaining the overall delivery schedule.


  • Re-architected project budgets.


  • Established geographic shift & support patterns to extend the development & testing timelines by divesting the dev, product, support & test teams across, India, Frankfurt & Zagreb into two teams.


  • Restructured European payment providers’ entire QA processes, policies & procures.


  • Managed their monthly releases for 12 months.


  • Mentored and trained their QA staff.


  • Established an E2E automated framework that addressed functional, API, performance & security testing.


  • Reduced production defect bleed from 18% to 2%.


  • Created & deployed the test automation for IT framework into IPO.


  • Simplified automated test development.


  • Implemented industry standards, good practices & promoted code reuse.


  • Up-skilled IPO test team, & integrated the framework with IPO’s strategic lifecycle management tool of choice.


  • Designed & implemented the delivery assurance & TCoE framework into DWO, providing a robust & proven operating model.


  • Built a roadmap for the TCoE consisting of prioritised business goals.


  • Deployed 80+ QA resources operating at either an expert or practitioner level across automation, performance, security, OAT, accessibility, environment & tooling


  • Expands into the USA.


  • Provides white labelled leadership resource into one of the fastest-growing UK consultancies.


  • Launches Country Risk Index (CRI) product.


  • Enable the delivery of 5 strategic programmes for Irelands largest B2B company.


  • Releases Cities, Towns, Regions & Ports (CTRP Gold) product.


  • Manage delivery assurance for retail banks digital services theme, this included paperless correspondence, online loan servicing, travel flag, overpayment calculator, credit card loyalty, paperless marketing, commercial registration & instant activation, lost & stolen cards, view transaction details, close current account, investments, fixed term deposit maturity instructions, view earmarked funds, straight-through processing, close saving account, instant activation digital adoption – retail.


  • Incorporates in Ireland to service Irish banking clients.


  • Delivers one of the largest telecommunications projects in Ireland.


  • Launches ‘Data Profiler’ & ‘Sanctions Assessment Centre’.


  • Restructure, manage & successfully deliver, a two-year fund account management programme, consisting of 322 funds with a £129 billion gross annual FoF holding.



  • Become a globally-recongnised sanctions assurance provide


  • Become responsible for the technology validation strategy & execution relating to the creation of a new UK bank


  • Approved/preferred supplier to 15 banks globally.


  • Engaged for two years by a global financial services company to setup and staff their test centre of excellence.


  • Founded, focusing on technology-based quality assurance solutions.


  • Engaged by UK retail bank to undertake the NFT of their new digital banking platform.


SQA Consulting develops partnerships with clients which improve the efficiency of their business processes & the quality of IT products & systems.

Our complete approach to intelligent business process automation demonstrates clear business results in reducing cost, improving performance, mitigating the risk of process failure & enhancing organisation values. 

For more than a decade, SQA Consulting has built a global client network in various sectors including investment & retail banking, information technology & telecommunications, government, law, energy & healthcare.

We have grown our business with talented people who understand your challenges & who can provide tailored technical solutions to address them. 

We are proud of our success & we are dedicated to our clients. 

We work hard to nurture our employees through our company culture, as we focus on the real value that we bring to your organisation.

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