consulting practice

consulting practice

We use our proven proprietary software to underpin & accelerate our consulting solutions. Financial institutions independently licence the software annually so that they can screen on demand

The SQA AML consulting practice covers all of your bespoke AML needs; advice, guidance, training, recommendations, audits, information requests, lists, RFP adjudication, etc.

Our teams of consultants have lived through every situation you might find yourself in & got out unscathed.

If you need help with an AML problem, if you need to know your next step, if you need to know more about your options, then get in touch & get some helpful advice on how to take the next step.

These are the kinds of problems we are solving right now:

“I need a training session on sanctions screening for my senior stakeholders”

“I need a list of red flags terms for my payments screening system”

“I need quality assurance on TM alert investigators”

“I need help with my screening alert investigation protocol”

“Is my PEP screening threshold too high?”

“Is my TM system settings appropriate?”


Get in touch via for more information.

We must be doing something right if in excess 40 global banks have engaged us to support them.




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