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Knowing how your screening systems are performing is essential

Evolving threats, risks and the continuous expansion and growing complexity of international regulations require an agile and sustainable approach.

Whether you are a regulator or Compliance Officer, understanding how sanctions / AML frameworks and underpinning controls perform, is essential. 

SQA Consulting understands this and has developed a screening assessment service that can be tailored to your exact requirements, including: 

Sanctions/AML framework & control environment

  • Our consultants are subject matter experts, with years of practical experience gained across multiple jurisdictions and sectors. They will guide you through the entire process, from developing requirements and benchmarking results to delivering final outcomes. Helping you navigate international regulations, designing frameworks, or simply testing controls.

Data management 

  • Data assessment considers the entire customer data lifecycle from product impact assessments, ownership, protection and use. 
  • Data Profiler delivers an immediate understanding of the data quality issues that affect screening processes.  


  • The SQA screening assessment centre is a high-value tool that delivers an immediate understanding of how well screening systems are performing. It is suitable for auditing/assurance, tuning, or evaluating new products, it’s easy & intuitive to use but does require a good knowledge of screening systems to extract maximum benefit. 

Alert management & investigation 

  • SQA Consulting can design alert investigation protocols, provide assurance services on your own investigations, or perform activities on your behalf, such as manual alert processing or automated decisioning via Eliminator.


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Enabling financial institutions to measure & fine tune the effectiveness of their filtering systems.




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