Sanctions Horizons & Beyond

Trying to predict the future is a difficult task, that perhaps only the foolhardy would attempt, especially in an area as volatile as sanctions. However, in this series of short and longer range forecasts, we will speculate as to what we currently believe will be the influencers of sanctions going forward. These forecasts are personal […]

SQA Sanctions Screening CTRP – Cities Towns Regions & Ports

More fines have been handed out for transactions to places rather than to names on lists, yet we still spend far more time and effort chasing names of people and organisations, than we do looking for where our clients are based, and where they are transacting. Whilst most screening systems will look for basic country […]

Country Risk Associated with Sanctions

Understanding your Sanctions exposure in relation to customers, transactions and business is vitally important in today’s fast-paced global economy. The consequences of misunderstanding the risk and allowing funds associated with a sanctioned individual or entity to flow are far-reaching with significant financial and reputational repercussions at stake. Beyond your sanctions list screening, how do you […]

Country Risk – Terrorist Financing & Ongoing Monitoring

Quantifying the terrorist financing (TF) risk from a geographical perspective can be challenging.  What data is relevant for inclusion in the country evaluation and where can you find the appropriate data are important questions.  Once you have the data though it can prove invaluable when trying to address the TF risk as part of your […]

Sanctions Screening -Transliteration – Cyrillic

Transliteration is a big-ticket issue for screening systems, in this article we will discuss Cyrillic transliteration, then go on in further articles to look at transliteration from other writing systems that are on our sanctions agenda: Arabic, and Korean. Transliteration is the process of converting from one writing system to another maintaining the vocalisation of […]

Screening Arabic Names

Of all of the different name types we have looked at in these articles’ Arabic names are the most different to western culture, and the most challenging in understanding, screening, and investigating them. First a few words of warning: Not all Arabs follow fixed rules for names. Arabic culture has spread across a wide geo-diversity, […]