Adverse Media – Source Data

Following on from our previous article on adverse media, let’s assume for now that you wish to include adverse media checks as part of your AML controls. A sensible starting point is to define what you will use as the source of the adverse media information to be reviewed as part of your processes. A […]

Screening Systems – Before you start Tuning & Testing

Before you embark on a tuning exercise or a round of assurance testing of your screening system there are a few things worth taking the time to check and fix as required.  A lot of this is common sense but when missed can result in significant delays in your testing and generate a lot of […]

Noise Words – Which Words to Use?

Commonly used words from your customer names should be the first port of call. How many of your customers have LTD or Bank in their name? To support the decision making understanding the make-up of the sanctions lists and common names recorded for companies in your jurisdiction will be beneficial. The most commonly used words […]

A Brief Introduction to Company Name Noise Words

Noise words are common words within a company or organisation name which will be ignored when the matching process is taking place on the screening system, so that key name words will be the focus.  Most screening systems allow you to configure a set of noise words, or at least include a preconfigured set. These […]

Understanding Country Risk

Many of us are aware of the requirement to include geography or country data in the mix when we are risk assessing our customers, but understanding how to determine the actual risk associated with a country and how to use the information can be more challenging?   The benefits and uses of country risk data […]

SQA Transaction Monitoring Related Articles

We have been bringing you a series of articles related to transaction monitoring, here is a handy index to help you browse through our back-catalogue of material. Transaction Monitoring Assurance Automated TM – Considerations for system implementation Automated TM – Rule Development Life Cycle Automated TM – Considerations for Rule Development and Tuning / Threshold […]