Why Build Operate & Transfer is becoming more Prevalent within our Client Base

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  • Why Build Operate & Transfer is becoming more Prevalent within our Client Base
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  • Why Build Operate & Transfer is becoming more Prevalent within our Client Base

As we adjust to a post-COVID work climate, companies are facing increasing difficulty in acquiring all manner of technology and product engineering resources. Remote work has resulted in increased demand, which in turn, is driving up the resource cost but not necessarily quality. To further compound this, to satisfy their resource demand, gargantuan global entities are strategically targeting resources within smaller sized organisations offering over-inflated salaries. This is leading to accelerated attrition, and further fuelling the demand for resource acquisition. What makes things worse, is once the global entity has completed their project, they release the overpaid resources back into the market, resulting in high-cost low calibre resource acquisitions which then re-enter the same merry-go-round.

Procurement and HR departments are looking for long term strategies to combat this situation. One solution that is increasing in population is Build Operate and Transfer (BOT).  At SQA Consulting, we have been providing these types of solutions to our clients for years; that stated, historically they have been few in number, that was until last year.  Over the last 18 months we have delivered and continue to deliver more and more of this type of engagement, serviced via our South East Europe or European technology hubs.

Why Adopt a Build Operate & Transfer Model?

For most clients Build, Operate and Transfer is about de-risking the resource acquisition process, enabling expedited turnkey team or squad mobilisation that enables cost containment, accelerates technology adoption, provides strategic agility and facilitates controlled in-house team expansion.  At the same time, the acquisition, management, reporting, training, project outcome accountability and responsibility remain with the vendor, in this case SQA Consulting, for a pre-agreed amount of time before the resources transition into the client’s business.

How Does Build, Operate & Transfer Work?


  • Agree resource configuration
  • Agree technology centre location(s)
  • Hire specifically against client requirements
  • Augment team with SQA consultants so that there is always the full compliment team size, we backfill our augmented resources with the new hires at no cost to you
  • Induct & train resources to SQA / clients standards
  • Ensure the team meets the clients desired certification requirements
  • Assign resources to client projects
  • Agree long-term staff development plans
  • Commence knowledge transfer


  • Define deliverable backlog
  • Manage the nearshore delivery hub:
    • Portfolio delivery management
    • Ideation
    • Development
    • Maintenance, QA
    • Enhancements, complete support
    • Process expertise
    • Reporting
    • Governance
  • Transition planning


  • Register a new nearshore subsidiary for our client
  • Confirm which resources will transfer
  • Agree the transfer fee
  • Transfer assets & handover operations

How Do Our Clients Prepare for the Transfer?

We follow a proven model that is continuously refined, we have dedicated teams behind the scenes to recruit, train, certify and support the BOT resources.  We use our IP to accelerate and support deliveries.  We make sure our clients understand the post-BOT:

  • Gross EUR salary requirements
  • Associated employment company costs
  • Total salaried resource cost to the company
    • Limited company employer rates
  • Modelled salary ranges
  • Income tax rates
  • Depreciation thresholds
  • Company setup capital requirements
  • VAT thresholds
  • Office costs including rates
    • 20, 30, 60 people
  • Average service costs
    • Payroll
    • Admin
    • HR
  • Training information
  • Software costs & subscription costs
  • Professional indemnity & public liability insurance costs

We have provided and will continue to provide cost effective single source BOT solutions for global organisations. We make the entire process painless and ensure its completely transparent.

If you wish to exit the resource acquisition merry-go-round and are looking to hire teams or squads with configurations of 10 or more resources, reach out for an exploratory chat. You can contact us on transformation.services@sqa-consulting.com. We would love to hear from you.

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