Digital Transformation for a Retail Bank

Key Challenges

  • The group digital banking platform which operated across 4 well known retail banks & was delivering £20m of change per month which needs extensive QA.
  • The QA operating model was 85% offshore & 15% onshore resulting in a lack of governance, leadership & stakeholder ownership to the platform directorates.
  •  Minimal mobile testing capability offered by the current SI partner resulting in poor release quality & huge inefficiencies.
  • The banking group digital platform was moving towards a DevOps & “true” Agile (Scrum) delivery approach meaning QA was being left behind the curve.
  • Unstable code delivered to system test & a high defect leakage to UAT.

Key Requirements for SQA

  • Design and Implement a QA Governance model to support Test Delivery and Quality benchmarking
  • Implement a Mobile TCoE (Testing Centre of Excellence) to revolutionise Digital QA demonstrating ROI and a substantial improvement in quality
  • Improve the current QA frameworks across Automation and Performance to ensure they are aligned to DevOps and Scrum delivery models
  • Act as the Senior QA Partner interfacing with platform directorates across all QA delivery for Digital Banking

SQA PROposed solution

  • Designed & implemented a digital assurance test strategy focusing on shift left, mobile, big data & cloud solutions.
  • Evaluated leading automated mobile testing tools.
  • Presented automated testing tool capability to the bank along with a recommendation for purchase.
  • Deployed a team of 20+ Digital QA experts to specifically focus on enhancing functional & non-functional testing across various digital channels of interactions.
  • Deployed service virtualisation for system & integration test environments.
  • Built & deployed an onshore & offshore mobile testing Lab utilising leading-edge automated test tools including EggPlant & Perfecto.
  • Defined & implemented a lean regression test model focused on continuous integration aligned to DevOps.
  • Performed in-depth & detailed QA assessments across all key operating functions. This enabled the core target areas for QA improvements at a platform level to be established.

solution benefits

  • 31% reduction in test planning & preparation with a financial benefit £7.9m in year one.
  • Increased environment utilisation by 28%.
  • Reduced test environment outages to 4% of business hours.
  • Increased test data re-use from 30% to 47% resulting in a financial saving of £1.6m per year.
  • Increased mobile automation test coverage from 15% to 67% resulting in a financial saving of £2.7m per year.
  • Built-in agility to ensure continued execution of the critical testing processes, reducing testing cycles, & capitalising on out of office execution windows.
  • All releases are now tested across every category of mobile device & supported operating versions.
  • The lean governance model provides the “right-level” of information to right-stakeholders at the right time.

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