Establish a TCoE for a Government Department

Key Challenges

  • The government department had a disperse & non-centric quality assurance function offering minimal efficiency & effectiveness.
  •  The organisation addressing several major transformation & divestment changes totaling over £1B in business change.
  • Quality of delivery throughout the SDLC (both Agile & Waterfall) was not sufficient resulting in production outages & live incidents.
  • ROI & reusability for the QA were not being demonstrated & under serious scrutiny from the CIO & technology directors.
  • Lack of internal expert/practitioner QA resources across Automation, security, performance & strategy.

Key Requirements for SQA Consulting

  • Setup a TCoE (Testing Centre of Excellence) to revolutionise QA demonstrating ROI and a substantial improvement in quality
  • Setup a Delivery Assurance function providing QA Management, Governance and Auditing across all delivery
  •  Implement QA frameworks across Automation, Performance and Security to increase efficiency, quality and reduce time to market
  • Educate, develop and transform the current QA job family to be Experts/Practitioners

SQA PROposed solution

  • Implemented the delivery assurance & TCoE framework designed by the SQA Consulting team providing a robust & proven operating model.
  • Built a roadmap for the TCoE consisting of short, medium & long-term business goals.
  •  Deployed 50+ QA resources operating at either an expert or practitioner level across automation, performance, security, OAT, accessibility, environment & tooling.
  •  Performed in-depth & detailed QA assessments across all key operating functions per department. This enabled the core target areas for QA improvements at a platform level to be established.
  • Implemented core QA framework accelerators for automation, security & performance.
  • Completed a test tool review with implementation & training of new tools based on approved recommendations.
  •  Implemented an end-to-end security testing service including network penetration testing, SCADA network vulnerability assessment & penetration testing & web application penetration testing.
  • Defined & implemented the next generation testing framework for DWP digital platforms. This catered for continuous testing & integration, cyber security, cloud & mobile solutions along with assurance from an agile delivery methodology.
  • Provided a dedicated service offering to train, develop & transform permanent government department QA resources.

solution benefits

  • SQA Consulting built a TCoE consisting of expert & practitioner resources & services operating across automation, security, performance, OAT, tooling, accessibility & environments.
  • Defined an enterprise-wide test strategy & policy focusing on target QA transformation for DevOps, agile & legacy delivery demonstrating ROI & KPI for quality improvements.
  • Achieved 80% automated regression coverage of critical business process by implementing SQA’s automation framework. This in turn lead to:
    • Saving of 50% in test automation script development.
    • Cost-saving of £5.6M in effort for year 1.
  • 28% defect reduction due to requirements testing/traceability.
  • Delivered a test tool saving of £550k for year 1 with a streamlined ALM model growing efficiency by 46%.
  • Production incidents & outages were reduced to 0.5% from 2.9% due to application & Infrastructure quality improvements.
  • Reduced performance testing costs by 35% by implementing SQA’s performance test framework.
  •  Established a quality assurance community which included a knowledge-sharingc portal, lunch & learn sessions, master-classes across QA, career development & guidance for QA, plus a senior management leadership QA huddle.

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