Maximise Efficiency & Effectiveness of QA For a Banking Client’s Mobile App (Digital Wallet)

Key Challenges

  • No continuous test operating model.
  • Test coverage was over a longer timeframe – leading to inefficiencies for release planning throughout the delivery schedule.
  • No structured functional & exploratory testing to achieve a true agile tech delivery.
  • Slow time to market for product change.
  • No shift left of QA engagement throughout tech delivery to capture defects earlier in the lifecycle.

Key Requirements for SQA Consulting

  • Encourage the use of Agile methodologies during the development and testing. Bring end-users, BAs, QAs, and SEs of the software product into one table for effective sharing of knowledge on the system and its testing requirements
  • Write Functional test scenarios for the required functions
  • As a joint team exercise, collaboratively review the acceptance criteria against developed & tested features
  • Remove any misunderstandings of developed & tested features
  • Working with the team, agree the user journeys
  • Test the agreed user journeys to provide quick feedback and regression testing – following a pure agile approach
  • Upskill and educate current Offshore QA resources for career progression and maturity

SQA PROposed solution

  • Continuous testing – functional & exploratory testing with deployment & operations that improves code quality.
  • Reduce time to market through streamlined testing & continuous QA delivery.
  • Defined QA Strategy aligned to the new payment platform (including Agile, DevOps).
  • Enabled centralised QA frameworks to deliver efficiency & quality.
  • Maximised generation of test data.
  • Engaged a shift left approach for QA to assure quality at all stages of delivery.
  • Continuous process improvement through future trends, concepts & development.
  • Clear & consistent standards for quality gates & entry & exit criteria for delivery.

solution benefits

  • Ensured that quality was ‘engineered’ into the delivery process from the outset.
  • Worked in self organising scrum teams to lead on acceptance criteria.
  • Provided ‘in team’ support to deliver & undertake functional & endpoint testing.
  • Maintained a continuous testing regression test pack from the outset – commenced as soon as user journeys were developed.
  • Created process & a quality focal point, based on expertise across the testing spectrum.
  • Maintained test evidence, scripts, test drivers, test libraries & traceability of all test types executed.
  • Provided real-time test reporting at stand-up, show & tells & retrospectives – based on progress by feature completed rather than test completion.
  • Provided the delivery team with evidence & results of testing that has been undertaken to the required level & that quality was ‘engineered in’ from the initial code development.
  • Promoted smart testing based on risk, unit coverage & UI level combinations.
  • Introduced quality thinking (the way we work) over traditional legacy techniques to provably increase the assurance & quality of the end product.

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