5 Year Anniversary for SQA Country Risk Index

Understanding the relative risk of doing business with another country has never been so fundamental to banking. We all have impressions of how risky other countries are, based on anecdotes, news stories, and personal prejudice. However, our first impressions are perhaps not the best guide to driving risk assessments, and the world is so diverse […]

SQA Consulting Releases its Second-Generation AI Tool for Screening Alert Remediation.

SQA Consulting releases its second-generation AI tool for screening alert remediation. Eliminator consistently closes over 90% of matches from primary screening systems, this second-generation tooling focuses on analysis of list associations and its inference engine that makes analysis even safer and more complete than ever before. The Eliminator not only replaces most of the level […]

SQA Consulting Welcomes it 40th AML Customer.

Part of the value of SQA Consulting’s AML division is the breadth of knowledge across the industry gained from working with a diverse finance related customer base. Working with 40 different brands all around the world is a privilege and an honour, and we look forward to the 41st as much as the 1st. #sanctions […]

10 Year Anniversary for SQA CTRP

This year sees the 10th anniversary of the launch of the SQA CTRP (Cities Town Regions and Ports) list. Geographic screening has seen a marked increase in implementations this year, with the profile of banks using CTRP lists to supplement their screening endeavours moving from Tier 1 to Tier 2, and extending beyond traditional banking […]

Know Your Business (KYB) Processes

Similar to the identification and monitoring applied to individual accounts, corporate accounts also require know your client (KYC) practices. In this article, we will highlight the logistical challenges organisations face when implementing and conducting KYB on its customers. Though the Know Your Business (KYB) process holds broad comparisons to KYC for individual customers, the details […]

Sanctions and PEP Screening for Challenger Banks and Fintechs

The landscape for banking services has changed beyond recognition in the last few years. The award of the first retail banking license for 100 years to Metro Bank in 2010, opened the flood gates, and since then ever more challenger banks and fintechs are disrupting the market. Many challenger banks are targeting specific customer segments […]