Asynchronous tasks in Python with Celery + RabbitMQ + Redis

In this article, we are going to use Celery, RabbitMQ, and Redis to build a distributed Task queue.But what is a distributed task queue, and why would you build one? A distributed task queue allows you offload work to another process, to be handled asynchronously (once you push the work onto the queue, you don’t wait) and in […]

Overcoming RPA challenges with Intelligent Automation opportunities

The speed of digital transformation is continually accelerating due to advances in internet bandwidth, cloud computing and the explosion of internet enabled devices. This has been exacerbated in the post-pandemic era, where remote working and social distancing have made digital transformation critical for businesses. Many organisations are grappling to understand how to engage better with […]

Business Automation: Top Five Benefits

Top Five Benefits of Automation

Using the correct tools, intelligent automation can bring a lot of value to your business. There are multiple reasons for upgrading IT systems in an organisation. Some of the immediate advantages of automation can be anything from cost savings or reducing human error. As technology changes the requirement for business automation tools increases. A report […]

Introducing Innovation Radar

Introducing SQA Consulting’s Innovation Radar, our research framework that allows us to plot the capability footprint of technology platforms. With this framework, we assess the strengths of technology vendor offerings in hyper-growth markets on the basis of the innovation potential they can deliver.   Why Innovation? Change is a constant both in technology and in […]

Process Cost Optimisation
The Rise of Intelligent Business Process Automation

What Are The Ongoing Challenges? As a CEO, CTO, CIO or CFO you are constantly being challenged to lower costs while at the same time having to: Reduce business risk Improve customer satisfaction Improve quality Enhance process consistency Maintain security Simplify operations Ensure compliance When looking for cost efficiencies, our natural instinct is to target […]

The Future Tense of Work: Integrated Automation

In this second instalment of our series, The Future Tense of Work, we focus on Integrated Automation. This topic lies at the intersection of people (employees) and technology dimensions in the model below. For more detail on this model, you can re-cap on our introductory article. What are some of the different automation technologies? Automation can […]