The Future Tense of Work: Low-Code Development Approach

This first Article in the Future Tense of Work series is focused on the Low-Code Development approach. The Low-Code approach lies at the intersection of People (employees) and Process dimensions from the original model for the series that was published in the introductory article.   We will explore the what, why and how of low code […]

An Introduction to the Future Tense of Work series

In the following series of articles, we will be exploring the Future Tense of Work honing in on the six major themes depicted in the model below. Looking at these six themes, four of them lie at the intersection of the three fundamental organisational dimensions. People, Process, and Technology, these are a necessary consideration during business […]

Robotic Process Automation Optimise Phase – Analyse, Improve & Transform

In this final instalment of our RPA Implementation lifecycle blog series, we shift our focus to the Optimise phase. We will look at maximising the impact of RPA, automating the business processes in their ‘as-is’  state, by analysing execution data, identifying bottlenecks and making Improvements to the existing RPA bots. More importantly, we will explore how […]

Robotic Process Automation Run Phase – Execute & Monitor via a Mobile App

In this penultimate instalment of our RPA Implementation lifecycle series, we will focus on the Run phase, and talk about the use of Mobile App for executing and monitoring RPA robots on the go. Connecting the Digital with the Physical As RPA and Intelligent Automation is gaining traction across industries, a key consideration is how to create […]

Robotic Process Automation Deployment Phase – Triggers & Runs Configurations

In this instalment of our RPA Implementation lifecycle Series, we look to shift our focus onto the Deploy phase and examine some of the key aspects in this phase such as setting up triggers, access & security controls, and other important run configurations necessary for effective executions of RPA robots in production. Match your bot deployment strategy […]

Automation Landscape – The Rise of Low Code Cloud Platforms

Expanding further on our previous article on Automation landscape, in this instalment, we will reflect upon the level of coding involved in Digital operations implementation projects, for some of the key automation technologies as introduced in the previous article. As many of these technology platforms now employ cloud computing as their primary delivery model to lower adoption costs, […]