Is it Insane to Run a Technology Delivery Bench, or Morally Bankrupt Not to?

Like most consulting companies, we are continuously looking to acquire new clients. We have delivery teams in 8 Geographical regions worldwide, that stated we are still considered small.  SQA Consulting have made a strategic decision to maintain a bench that equates to 25% of our technology delivery workforce. Why on Earth Would We Do that? […]

The Penny Rich Pound Poor Paradox

The Penny Rich Pound Poor Paradox While the initial savings may look enticing, the concealed costs of this approach begin to emerge over time.  Here’s where the paradox starts to unravel: Innovation Left Unexplored: Interim technical staff often bring a treasure trove of experience and fresh perspectives to the table. Opting for less experienced, budget-friendly […]

How Did SQA Consulting Perform in 2022?

It has been a busy year for SQA Consulting, new clients, company expansion underpinned by our Buy to Build strategy.  So what were the outcomes: SQA Consulting SEE is now a wholly owned subsidiary & part of the SQA Consulting Group Following a two year two-million-pound investment to enhance our newly acquired employees, uplift the […]

SQA Consulting Acquires 100% of SQA Consulting SEE

Following on from our successful joint venture with ABC Tech Group, SQA Consulting acquired ABC Tech Groups 50% stake in the joint venture making SQA Consulting SEE a 100% subsidiary within the SQA Consulting Group. Building on our continuously increasing workforce, SQA Consulting will now concentrate on: Increasing competitiveness   Increasing our market share Attracting […]