Migrating your organisation to the Cloud

The number of organisations migrating from on-premise data centres to the cloud is accelerating at a rapid pace; this has grown significantly during the last 12 months as companies look to mitigate risk during the pandemic and enable rapid scaling of infrastructure.   SQA Consulting are often engaged by organisations that have been running unsuccessful cloud migration projects for months if not years, and this is typically caused by a failure in the strategy and planning […]

Introducing Innovation Radar

Introducing SQA Consulting’s Innovation Radar, our research framework that allows us to plot the capability footprint of technology platforms. With this framework, we assess the strengths of technology vendor offerings in hyper-growth markets on the basis of the innovation potential they can deliver.   Why Innovation? Change is a constant both in technology and in […]

Process Cost Optimisation<br>The Rise of Intelligent Business Process Automation

What Are The Ongoing Challenges? As a CEO, CTO, CIO or CFO you are constantly being challenged to lower costs while at the same time having to: Reduce business risk Improve customer satisfaction Improve quality Enhance process consistency Maintain security Simplify operations Ensure compliance When looking for cost efficiencies, our natural instinct is to target […]

The Future Tense of Work: Integrated Automation

In this second instalment of our series, The Future Tense of Work, we focus on Integrated Automation. This topic lies at the intersection of people (employees) and technology dimensions in the model below. For more detail on this model, you can re-cap on our introductory article. What are some of the different automation technologies? Automation can […]

Are you the cause of Transformational failure?

As a 30-year veteran of the IT industry, having led two companies to successful exits, it shocks me to see the level of failure within organisations who promote themselves as “Leaders”. In this article, I will be discussing some of the key failures within the business and technology transformation sector. Culture and mindset Culture is […]

Product Backlog Challenges

Ask product backlog users if the backlog works for them & you will invariably receive mixed responses. This is because there is often little uniformity in the way that organisations & users adopt & adapt the backlog.  Significant elements of the process are sometimes omitted because they are deemed too difficult to implement. In addition, […]