Why Do Businesses Engage SQA Consulting?

Every organisation believes they understand why companies engage their services, SQA Consulting Limited reached out to our clients and asked them why, here is what they feed back: SQA Consulting are perceived as PROFESSIONAL because they: Identify & satisfy their client’s needs Deliver on their promises & strive to exceed expectations Maintain their delivery staffs […]

Global Insurance Company engages SQA Consulting to Transform their QA & Software Engineering Divisions

SQA Consulting have transformed the software engineering capability of countless global organisations, so when this world-renowned Speciality Insurance company reached out for support, we were able to assure them that we could enable the transformation within 12 months following a Discover Define & Deliver Methodology, this would ensure the transformation changes were digestible & measurable […]

SQA Consulting Begins 2022 by Outperforming 2021 in Confirmed Booked Figures. 

Our strategic decision to acquire a 50% stake in ABC Tech Group engineering arm has allowed us to exceed our forecasted targets.  The Transformation and Advisory division commences 2022 servicing 9 concurrent clients, 6 of whom we have been providing service to for in excess of 12 months. Our goal now not just to maintain […]

Governance Matters

Governance – a topic that likely strikes mild concern, or at best vague interest in the hearts and minds of most managers. Does it really matter if status reports are not submitted on time? Do those risks need to be formally logged? Can’t timesheets wait until the end of the month? My team hasn’t changed, […]

Why Build Operate & Transfer is becoming more Prevalent within our Client Base

As we adjust to a post-COVID work climate, companies are facing increasing difficulty in acquiring all manner of technology and product engineering resources. Remote work has resulted in increased demand, which in turn, is driving up the resource cost but not necessarily quality. To further compound this, to satisfy their resource demand, gargantuan global entities […]

Migrating your organisation to the Cloud

The number of organisations migrating from on-premise data centres to the cloud is accelerating at a rapid pace; this has grown significantly during the last 12 months as companies look to mitigate risk during the pandemic and enable rapid scaling of infrastructure.   SQA Consulting are often engaged by organisations that have been running unsuccessful cloud migration projects for months if not years, and this is typically caused by a failure in the strategy and planning […]