Country Risk Associated with International Wildlife Trafficking

As of last year, The FATF (Financial Action Task Force) made International Wildlife Trafficking (IWT) one of their priority issues to tackle. This industry is the 4th largest international crime and has arguably the most devastating environmental impact out of any criminal act or proceed. To achieve this status, many factors are to be considered […]

Proactive Ransomware Protection! – Auditing OneDrive with Elasticsearch and Kibana

For those of you who haven’t followed our series on ransomware, previously we discussed how you could use OneDrive to backup and version control all that decentralised data users typically store on their laptops and desktops, and you can catch up here.  For large scale enterprise, this can be an important safeguard to prevent data […]

Ransomware – Recover better, faster!

In our last two articles on Ransomware we discussed what it was, the impact it can have on your business and some quick steps you can take to ready your business for a Ransomware attack.  Hopefully, these quick wins were of value and you are already much better prepared to fend off your next Ransomware […]

OFAC SDN’s Geography

As we reach the end of yet another term of office in America, it is a good time to review how the content of the OFAC SDN list has been changing over time.  The graph below represents Country rank in terms of which countries have the most SDNs listed – it looks back as far […]

Screening Systems – Before you start Tuning & Testing

Before you embark on a tuning exercise or a round of assurance testing of your screening system there are a few things worth taking the time to check and fix as required.  A lot of this is common sense but when missed can result in significant delays in your testing and generate a lot of […]

Quality Considerations for Financial Crime Teams – Quality Assurance

This is the third article in a series on the topic of Quality Considerations for Financial Crime Teams. Click here for the first article which set out some high-level definitions for Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) and how they need to work together. Click here for the second article which goes into further […]