Product Backlog Challenges

Ask product backlog users if the backlog works for them & you will invariably receive mixed responses. This is because there is often little uniformity in the way that organisations & users adopt & adapt the backlog.  Significant elements of the process are sometimes omitted because they are deemed too difficult to implement. In addition, […]

A Brief Overview of Performance Code Profiling – Part 2

Following on from the article A Brief Overview of Performance Code Profiling, other methods that can be used in the development process to improve the performance of code are Web service /API testing using virtualisation. Unit testing. This article will explain the above types of testing from a performance point of view. Over the last few […]

A Brief Overview of Performance Code Profiling

One method used in the development process to improve the performance of code is called ‘performance code profiling’, this article will attempt to explain the types and the data collection methods of profiling available in Visual Studio.    What is Performance Code Profiling? Performance code profiling is used by developers to help identify and analyse […]

Be Ransomware Ready!

Are users ready? One of the most common infection vectors is via the end-user and phishing/vishing campaigns are getting more sophisticated every year.  You can utilise free training material from the NCSC to train your users and raise awareness.  What’s great about this service is it includes a user quiz and can be loaded into […]

AML – The Benefits of a Risk-Based Approach

Organisations encounter an escalating range of money laundering threats, and financial criminals have a range of tools at their disposal to navigate around triggers put in place to stop them. Compliance obligations on an organisation can cost millions of pounds depending on their size and market presence. Implementing measures such as KYC, CDD and EDD […]

Ransomware, What is it?

Ransomware is one of the most prevalent variants of cyber-attack, often delivering more impact and disruption to the victim than many other attacks. Ransomware has featured in the majority of headline-grabbing cyber-attacks, such as the recent attack against Garmin which brought them days of user-impacting downtime, a week of recovery and a capital loss of […]