As RED and BLUE teaming is such a large topic, I have decided to split this SQA article into six-parts over the next six weeks.

  1. What is a Red Team
  2. What is a Blue Team
  3. Top 5 Red and Blue Team skills
  4. Which is more important Red or Blue?
  5. Test, Test, Test again
  6. Conclusion


Thumbs Up Red Blue


Red and Blue must both co-exist together. In order to have effective cyber security and prepared infrastructure, you need the two teams to work in conjunction with one another.

The Red team needs to target the infrastructure in new and innovative ways by thinking outside the box. The Blue team need to use equal amounts of ingenuity in their defense, and practice for the day when the incident responses are triggered.

A company’s cyber security department is required to have a developed knowledge around how to engage both teams to work together and learn from each other. Antiquated practices need to be set aside in favour of the adoption of “Purple” teamers (both Blue and Red.) This should be investigated to help improve cybersecurity responses and prevent incidents.

There are other team colours, which can also help identify boundaries and similarities between security specialists and this is something we will explore in subsequent articles.


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