cyber risk management

cyber risk management

Framework based cyber risk management that provides day to day protection as well as ensuring business continuity

At SQA Consulting, we understand that protecting your systems from unauthorised access is a full time 24/7 activity. Establishing & reviewing your cyber security framework will enable your business to protect items above and below the waterline.  We have developed a cyber risk management framework that is continuously refined to enable our clients to accelerate their cyber protection. The framework is based around five core pillars:


  • We help our clients identify internal & external cyber risks,  providing a detailed risk assessment that identifies threats & vulnerabilities, enabling risk to be measured & communicated


  • We help our clients protect systems, assets & data-enhancing Internal controls, providing staff training and increasing data security


  • Via threat modelling we detect system vulnerabilities, prevent data breaches & unauthorised access, reinforcing system monitoring & protection


  • We have the capacity to respond to potential cybersecurity events, proving remediation solutions , assisting with incident auditing whilst driving incident response planning


  • Our cyber subject matter experts can assist in recovering from a cyber security event, restoring operations & services whilst protecting the business from future similar incident types


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Providing proactive cyber risk management solutions underpinned by process, people & technology

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