Determining Customer Screening Risk

SQA Consulting deliver a suite of products and services to help address screening risk, for Sanctions, PEPs, and Adverse Media. Some of the biggest corporate fines in history have been levied at institutions that have failed to address basis issues with compliance to economic sanctions, prioritising profit over – particularly American – governmental foreign policy objectives.

There are many formulas for risk. For determining customer screening risk we believe this one works best.

Risk Equation

  • The Probability associated with any vulnerability in customer screening is determined by the SQA Data Profiler which will identify how likely a vulnerability could be exploited.
  • The Threat of Sanctioned individuals and entities is global but will be enhanced in certain geographies and with certain types of products. The SQA Country Risk Index will help understand geographic threat. The SQA CTRP file and SQA Red Flag List will help address it.
  • The Vulnerability is determined by the SQA Sanctions Assessment Centre. It will identify areas of relative weakness within screening.
  • The Consequence is determined by your regulator, the consequence for Sanctions are very significant, and could include: substantial fines, removal of banking license, banking monitors, and even criminal prosecutions. SQA Training services will help you understand your regulator consequence.

Our objective is to enable the financial crime community with the tools that they need, and make the world a safer place to do business in.

The SQA Data Profiler will analyse files to look for data that is sub-standard and may cause vulnerabilities in screening to be exploited.The SQA CTRP file will identify cities, towns, regions, and ports in the most sanctions sensitive countries in the world, helping you avoid doing business where you would prefer not to.The SQA Country Risk Index will identify which countries represent the most risk to your business in global trade, by analysing over 100 different metrics we address every risk issue you would want. The SQA Red Flag List will help you search out and identify trade in potentially nefarious dealings from nuclear proliferation to wildlife trafficking to artisanal mining.The SQA Sanctions Assessment Centre will identify areas of relative weakness in your screening systems, and benchmark your effectiveness and efficiency against others.

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