How Did SQA Consulting Perform in 2022?

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  • How Did SQA Consulting Perform in 2022?
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  • How Did SQA Consulting Perform in 2022?

It has been a busy year for SQA Consulting, new clients, company expansion underpinned by our Buy to Build strategy. 

So what were the outcomes:

  • SQA Consulting SEE is now a wholly owned subsidiary & part of the SQA Consulting Group
    • Following a two year two-million-pound investment to enhance our newly acquired employees, uplift the technology, improve & secure new technology hub offices,  we have Increase headcount by 300%
  • We exceeded our delivery & growth targets
    • We never look to consume more than we can actively deliver
  • Our AML & Financial Services division serviced 25 AML Clients & our Transform & Advisory Division serviced more than 10 via our 8 global geographical locations
  • Our sales increased by 206% on 2021
  • All staff members with the exception of the company Directors were awarded an annual bonus, the directors have not taken a bonus & will not take a dividend, we are committed to continued growth & investment
  • Our profit after investments & staff bonuses increased by 213%
  • Our balance sheet increased by 165%
  • We now have technology Hubs in
    • Manchester
    • Dublin
    • Bosnia
    • Croatia
    • Kosovo
    • Serbia
    • Spain
    • New York


The directors recognise that sustaining growth & building on it requires significant investment, we are committed to continued investment.

#ContinuedGowth, #FiscalExpansion, #ExceedingTargets, #InvestingInTheFuture


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