InfoSec Colour Team Structure – The White Team

The White Team are a high-level team with non-technical reasonabilities.  Generally, small in size, they are made from a mixture of senior technical members, management and business sponsors.  This White team primary reasonabilities are creating and communicating cybersecurity strategies, KPI and SLA’s, governance risk assessments, organising teams and planning cyber exercises.  It is vital that the White team remains neutral, as they can help resolve inter colour team disputes.

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The White Team can also be used during, a Blue vs Red cybersecurity exercise. They would be responsible for;

  • Overall planning and management of the exercise
  • Maximising the learning experience and post-exercise analysis
  • Provide the right level of authority to make critical decisions during the test, if required.
  • Throughout the process, if external test providers are used, the white team will maintain close communication with them.

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The White Team tend not to be technical in the same way as other coloured teams but are just as vitally important, they have a high-level view of the organisations Business and Information Technology systems. Some organisations will include outsourced cybersecurity consultancies to join their white team for third-party independent advice.

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