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Our Intelligent Automation advisory & implementation services provide you with measurable results.

Our tool agnostic Intelligent Automation & RPA solutions enable our clients to:

  • Lower their long-term operational costs

  • Improve quality

  • Enable process consistency

  • Protect security

  • Simplify operational processes

  • Ensure compliance whilst increasing resource productivity

Why Are Organisations Sceptical?

Tooling Selection:

  • SQA Consulting have independently reviewed both leading & emerging Intelligent Automation tools undertaking capability, cost, scalability & use case comparisons.

  • We are both vendor & tooling agnostic.

Speed of Development:

  • We have pre-built libraries

  • There are developer ecosystems that include free as well as paid app market listings, these are quality & security checked by vendors.

Associated Tooling Costs:

  • Intelligent Automation & RPA licencing models have radically changed with fully functional trial licences.

  • Guided learning experiences

  • Low monthly costs

  • Capped scaled costs

Many organisations have had failed attempts attaining successful implementations, this could be due to a number of reasons, examples include:

  • Incorrectly advised in relation to tooling selection

  • Non-subject matter expert implementation

  • No post-implementation support

SQA Consulting can deliver Intelligent Automation & RPA solutions at fixed or capped cost. We recognise our clients have a desired return on investment & ensure that we deliver measurable, repeatable & maintainable solutions.


Get in touch via for more information.

With our specialised services, we enable organisations go beyond cost optimisations & realise transformation outcomes with Intelligent Automation.



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