Advising our customers in making the right Intelligent Automation technology & tooling choices.

Automation can be achieved using several different technologies: Bots (i.e., attended & unattended RPA), APIs, events, smart workflows, case management & AI (vision, speech, language, decision).

Often organisations are unsure about making the correct technology choices to solve different automation problems.

The nature of an automation problem may depend upon several parameters:

  • Level of predictability or certainty of a business process

  • Level of straight through processing that can be achieved in a process

  • Integration requirements with the underlying systems

  • Number of transactions in the process

  • Processing speed requirements of the business transactions

Intelligent automation is all about applying the right set of automation technologies by taking an integrated approach to solving different types of business process automation problems.

At SQA Consulting, we specialise in providing advisory services to our end customers for their Intelligent Automation needs:

  • We conduct assessment studies to understand a client’s unique automation requirements in order to advise on the best suited Intelligent Automation technology solutions. We do this based on our extensive research, expertise & experience within the IA market

  • We provide expert advisory services to our customers for their intelligent automation tooling selection needs utilising a rich set of data gathered from our in-depth research & analysis on intelligent automation technology platforms


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Intelligent Automation is all about augmenting humans with the right set of automation technologies.



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