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Intelligent Automation Platforms Capability Assessment Series 2021 - Low Code Vendors Triad

24th May 2021

Applying SQA Consulting’s Innovation Radar research framework, the study presented in this report takes a holistic view of the Intelligent Automation market, considering automation needs from all possible angles to establish four automation categories, focused on task, process, data, & experience.

The fuller potential of intelligent automation lies in bringing together apps, channels, interfaces, devices, intelligence, data, APIs, workflows, & bots into integrated low-code solutions to realise transformational outcomes. It is no more the case to implement different intelligent automation technologies as disjointed toolsets. The analysis reports presented in this research series cuts across multiple technology markets to provide a joined-up view of intelligent automation implementation potential and presents platform-level capability assessments of select high-value intelligent automation vendors who have built broader end-to-end automation capabilities with their core focus area as either task, process, data, or experience.

In our first report from this series, that takes process innovation as the core focus area, capabilities of the three select vendors pioneering intelligent automation value creation with low-code development: Appian, Microsoft, & Pegasystems, who share a combined intelligent automation revenue in excess of $1 bn, are assessed for their integrated platform offerings based on comprehensive eight-fold criteria to cater to the needs of each of the automation categories presented in our framework.

The assessment report presents greater breadth and depth of analysis, providing wide-ranging insights uncovering the technical strengths, strategic benefits, and the degree of change that can be potentially realised, based on the innovation potential that can be unlocked, from the application of assessed vendors’ Intelligent Automation platforms. The report is to aid enterprise customers in making informed intelligent automation platform choices when considering low-code development as the key change enabler.

What is covered in the report?

  • Taking SQA’s Innovation Radar framework as the basis, combining both technological and process innovation, the report describes a holistic Intelligent Automation market definition to consider not just cost optimisation outcomes, but strategic transformational benefits achieved by end-to-end automation solutions combining low code development with fuller Intelligent automation capabilities bringing together AI, digital apps, data integrations, UI and API level automation.
  • Assessment summary of the in-depth capability analysis performed on the low-code Intelligent Automation platform offerings from Appian, Microsoft and Pegasystems are presented with a visual representation of our combined Innovation radar plot, detailed assessment scorecards, competitive positioning of the vendors in the four automation categories and a leaderboard table awarding high achievement outcomes.
  • Assessment outcomes presenting the fuller analysis of the vendor platform capabilities carried out for each of the four automation categories highlighting the key strengths and progress areas for each of the participating vendors.
  • SQA’s research methodology explaining the comprehensive eight-fold criteria and its application for establishing the maturity of vendors platforms to include Product differentiation, innovation, market impact, value creation, ease of use, adoption cost, integration, and scalability.


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