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intelligent AUTOMATION

At SQA Consulting, we offer a range of services to our customers to unlock the fuller potential of Intelligent Automation. These include Research, Insights, AdvisoryImplementation Services.

In this technologically disruptive era, organisations are needing to transform quicker than ever to survive & stay competitive. With exponential advancements in computing & internet bandwidth, an enormous amount of digital data is being generated in recent times. Consumer behaviours and employee needs are shifting fast with this unlimited access to data & a multitude of digital devices.

Being digital demands organisations implement more software to process data with a shorter time to market & with greater adaptability. Intelligent Automation plays a catalyst in your digital transformation journey with a variety of technology choices to generate value.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots act as an employee productivity tool by automating repetitive mundane desktop tasks.

Low-code development & Smart workflows allow re-engineering traditional business processes taking a customer-first approach & orchestrate work end-to-end augmenting human workers with technology.

Artificial machine intelligence brings cognitive skills for analysing & processing highly complex unstructured data that relates to vision, speech, language & decisioning.

Integrations allow straight-through processing of data between different applications & devices through APIs & events.

Digital Apps enable newer experience through a variety of devices, channels, and communication modes.

The real potential of Intelligent Automation lies in not just focusing on task automation as tactical automation, but to achieve end-to-end process automation by combining low code collaborative development with fuller intelligence & data-focused automation capabilities, & to enable this through newer digital interfaces & experiences as the front door.

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The real potential of Intelligent Automation lies in bringing together apps, intelligence, data, APIs, workflows & bots into integrated low-code solutions to realise transformational outcomes.



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