Introducing Innovation Radar

Introducing SQA Consulting’s Innovation Radar, our research framework that allows us to plot the capability footprint of technology platforms. With this framework, we assess the strengths of technology vendor offerings in hyper-growth markets on the basis of the innovation potential they can deliver.  

Why Innovation?

Change is a constant both in technology and in the market conditions in which organisations operate. The pace of change is exponential. The organisations most likely to succeed, are those that consistently innovate in the face of this disruptive change. Many successful organisations claim innovation to be their most important characteristic in driving profitability and competitive advantage.

To innovate, organisations not only need to optimise the use of existing technologies and processes with incremental innovation, but more importantly, they need to reinvent themselves with radical innovation. This can be achieved by delivering technological innovation using new technologies, and at the same time, with process innovation by implementing new or improved operating processes and delivery methods.

Innovation Radar combines these different types of innovation into a two-dimensional framework. The degree of technological innovation is displayed on the x-axis and process innovation is shown on the y-axis. The model below positions these innovation types into four zones.

The bottom-left zone of the model represents the as-is state for most organisations, with incremental levels of technological and process innovation. To reach the to-be state in the top-right zone, organisations must transform by adopting both technological and process innovation initiatives simultaneously.

Intelligent Automation Platform Capability Assessment (aka Innovation Radar Framework)

As part of RPA and Intelligent Business Automation services, SQA Consulting is introducing a new Research and Insights service.

Our research agenda includes conducting analysis into the Intelligent Automation (IA) market. We are performing capability assessment studies on a number of well-established IA platform vendor offerings. We will share our insights and findings from this research to benefit both the buy and sell sides of this market in the coming months.

The IA market encompasses a broad range of solutions including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Smart Workflows, Low-code Application Development, AI (Vision, Speech, Language, Documents, Decisioning,) Data Integrations, Multi-Experience Apps, and more. It is important for organisations to recognise that there is unlikely to be a single IA solution that will answer all of their automation requirements. The key message in this hyper-growth market, is to take an integrated approach to automation implementation, combining new technologies and operating models.

In our research methodology, we have applied an expanded version of the Innovation Radar framework to the IA problem space as shown below.

The expanded framework defines four automation categories:

  • Task based automation
  • Process based automation
  • Knowledge based automation
  • Value based automation 

The table below provides a summary of the IA solution space, grouped into the four automation categories. Many major IA platform vendors who align with this model are included in our ongoing research effort.


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