Is it Insane to Run a Technology Delivery Bench, or Morally Bankrupt Not to?

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  • Is it Insane to Run a Technology Delivery Bench, or Morally Bankrupt Not to?
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  • Is it Insane to Run a Technology Delivery Bench, or Morally Bankrupt Not to?

Like most consulting companies, we are continuously looking to acquire new clients. We have delivery teams in 8 Geographical regions worldwide, that stated we are still considered small.  SQA Consulting have made a strategic decision to maintain a bench that equates to 25% of our technology delivery workforce.

Why on Earth Would We Do that?

We work on both sides of the fence; we provide teams to clients &we manage teams on behalf of clients. 

I have lost count of the number of times a client has committed to delivery team being onboarded &then being told they would have to wait for 6, 8 or 12 weeks before the team can be assigned. 

What clients are essentially be told is the vendor does not have the resources available, but now that they have commitment, they will go off and hire them.  Then without new hires having had the chance to work together, understand about their employers’ organisation, the client organisation or the project we are going to assign them to, they will mobilise them into you. 

There is zero value to the client in that scenario, it is morally bankrupt.  They are doing nothing the client could not do & without the insult of an added margin.  The resources that are hired invariably are let go shortly after the assignment if there is nothing to roll them on to.

SQA Consulting run a bench at considerable cost to ensure when we are asked to mobilise we staff we can, & do. Just ask any of our current or potential clients.  If we agree a deal at 14:00 on a Friday, subject to client estate access we can assign staff to the project for 09:00 on the Monday.

How Do We Manage This?

We assign our bench team to work on one of our eight AML / Financial Crime Prevention products:

  1. Screening Assessment Centre
  2. Eliminator
  3. Strategic List Management
  4. Notify
  5. Data Profiler
  6. Country Risk Index
  7. CTRP
  8. Red Flag List

or our internal Portfolio Management Platform nSight.


All of our new starters are assigned to these products so they can understand how SQA Consulting’s Software Engineering Division works, our tooling, ceremonies, processes & above all how they work with each other. Staff are deployed into communities of practice, assigned a mentor, agreed a professional development plan, are weighted, measured, & supported.   Only then would we consider assigning them to a client site & backfilling them internally with new hires.  This always have resource availably to service our clients requirements.  We are transparent with our clients as to our hiring & delivery processes.  That way we can always add value.

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