Monitoring Platforms 

During performance testing, as well as monitoring your operating system it is also important to monitor your platform to potentially uncover any bottlenecks. Refer to our articles on  Monitoring Operating Systems and A High-Level Insight into Performance Monitoring with regards to server monitoring. 

The below article touches on two of the most common platform types that can be monitored i.e. 

  1. .Net platform 
  2. Java Platform 

Net Platform  

When it comes to monitoring a .Net platform there are nine categories of counters that should be looked at when tuning the application’s performance: They are: 

  1. ExceptionsProvides information about the exceptions thrown by the application. 
  2. MemoryProvides information about the garbage collector. 
  3. Locks and Threads – Provides information about managed locks and threads used by the application. 
  4. Interop – provides information about the application’s interaction with COM components, COM+ services, and type libraries. 
  5. JIT – Provides information about code that has been compiled by the Just In Time compiler. 
  6. Loading – Provides information about assemblies, classes, and AppDomains that have been loaded. 
  7. Networking – Provides information about the data sent and received over the network by the application. 
  8. Remoting – Provides information about remote objects used by the application. 
  9. Security – Gives a description of the security checks the CLR performs on the application. 

For a detailed view of the actual counters in each of these categories refer to the following link for further information. 

Java Platform 

When it comes to monitoring a Java platform there are four categories of counters that should be looked at when tuning the application’s performance: They are:  

a) Common 

Monitoring Table 1

b) Memory 

Monitoring Table 2

c) Threads 

Monitoring Table 3

d) Classes 

Monitoring 4

There are numerous platforms counters to measure when monitoring while performance testing. 

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