Performance Testing Dependencies

A dependency is something you rely upon to achieve an objective or a goal, but that is not under your control. This article will highlight the types of dependencies you may come across when performance testing and list our other resources to help in getting you up to speed and comfortable with the best practices in this area. The dependencies for a performance testing project can be broken down into the following categories- 

Business & Technical Dependencies

Environmental Dependencies

Test Tools Dependencies

Test Data Dependencies

Monitoring Dependencies

Support Dependencies

  • The following support resources should be available during the performance test to investigate any issues/bottlenecks that may arise from the monitoring you perform.
  • Network resource – To support/investigate any network bottlenecks. R
  • Database resource – To support/investigate any database bottlenecks e.g poorly written queries.
  • Application/Developer resource – To support/investigate any application bottlenecks e.g. poorly written code
  • Server resource – To support/investigate any server bottlenecks e.g. CPU, Memory issues.
  • PC/Desktop resource – To support/investigate any client/desktop bottlenecks.

As you can see there are several dependencies that need to be considered prior to performance testing.

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