Shift Left Testing

In this final instalment of the ‘Performance Testing Framework’ series, we explore ‘shift left’ testing. This is simply carrying out testing to the left of the normal position it is carried out, for example, testing earlier in the Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC). One of the main reasons to do this is that it is easier and less costly to fix defects early than later in the delivery process.

By combining ‘Shift left’ with build & test automation, there is better integration between the phases of the SDLC which yields confidence in the release. This will expedite the release’s, with fewer defects and more test coverage because of automation.

Finding ways to ‘shift left’ performance testing can be a challenge, but transforming automated functional tests into performance tests is a strategy that can be utilised to achieve this as has been explored in this series of Performance Framework articles –

  1. Capturing traffic from running an automation test and converting it to a performance test
  2. Using a performance test tool to carry out API functional tests which can be scaled to performance tests
  3. Using the integration features between functional and performance test tools to create performance testing scripts

The figure below shows the relative costs to fix defects in the different phases and by shifting left how this can be reduced. Source


Performance Testing Framework Shift Left

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