Performance Testing Framework – Tool Integration

In the article Performance Testing Framework it described how performance testing can be done early by reusing the test automation artifacts, and in API Testing, use a performance test tool to do the functional testing and then scale this up to do the performance testing. This is all good news to save time and money when you have limited budgets and tight timelines. However, in this article, I want to explore how some of these tools can integrate with other tools or applications to enable the transformation of a functional automated script into a performance script.


The NeoLoad (Neotys) performance test tool offers REST APIs to perform actions, which can prove useful when setting up and running tests. However, the options available can change from version to version so this needs to be checked against the version you are running with.

In NeoLoad there is a wider range of actions that can be performed using the REST API. Some of the REST API’s on offer include

  • Design API – transform an automated functional test script such as in Java Selenium or Ranorex for example into a performance script
    • create projects
    • record user journey from a functional test tool such as Java Selenium
    • set delays, transactions, etc.

Performance Testing Framework Image

  • Runtime API
    • start and stop a test scenario
  • Results API
    • Generate and download a test report

There many other integrations with other automation tools and performance test tools to make the testing process seamless in a CI/CD world. This is worth exploring as they are not usually well known but can make your testing life easier.

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